Released in 2014, Activité is the first connected analog watch in the world

As this is a new typology of object, it seemed legitimate and essential to us to approach this new subject as a traditional non-connected watch.
We have sought to achieve a timeless and universal design by referring to the universal archetype of the wristwatch.
The simplicity of the forms plays with the codes of traditional watchmaking while bringing a refined and contemporary style.

A discreet detail distinguishes this watch from a traditional timepiece: the absence of a crown, which is no longer necessary when the various settings are managed via the dedicated application.

This object takes up issues dear to elium: a creative process that places the end user at the centre of its thinking process, and the integration of technology into our daily lives in a thoughtful, non-intrusive and non-obtrusive way without making it ostentatious.

Discreet intelligence and elegance for this Swiss-made watch

We wanted to propose an iconic, obvious watch for a very wide audience. We have chosen to hide as much as possible the technological complexity, which is too often debatable and not easily accessible to the uninitiated.

This "augmented" watch has therefore become a unisex, transversal, classic and modern "hybrid" product.

A design that appeals to both watch lovers and techies and that, more broadly, can be understood and accepted by as many people as possible.

This original model of the Withings connected watches family was designed without a display, using an analogue hand dedicated to the restitution of "augmented information".

This gives it a great autonomy by using a simple watch button battery, easily replaceable and not requiring recharging.