At the invitation of the Duende studio, we revisited the vinegar maker, an ancestral object that is now slightly neglected.

Behind its rustic aspect, vinegar is one of the very first biotechnology applications developed by humans using ascetic bacteria to transform wine into a completely new product.

Playing on the archetypal codes common to oenology and laboratories such as the pipette, the shape of a bottle, glass and ceramics as materials, “Antic biotec” offers a new manufacturing and tasting ritual highlighting the nobility of vinegar.

The preciousness of vinegar is often ignored, as Nick Toshes pointed out at the beginning of his mythical Confessions of an opium-seeker:

“The only knowledge that is worth having about wine is that of people who know that the true soul of wine is vinegar. It is by drinking in one go these rare vinegars of a great age labelled da bere that one can really taste wonders: the real thing, far from this juice of industrial crap coated with pretentious epithets.”