Nova is the new off-road stroller by Bébé confort / Maxicosy. This complex project required two years of development, in collaboration with the group's various departments in France, China and Taiwan.

The genesis of this project is based on the development of a brand new platform linked to innovative kinematics, inspired by golf carts, which allows the stroller to be automatically folded using a single foot pedal.

The challenge: integrate the specificities and constraints linked to this technical
base in order to create a simple design;

Conveying the notions of comfort and safety with a strong identity and a premium aspect.
To achieve this, all the parts have been designed with particular attention to detail to create a coherent and attractive whole.
From the R&D pole in France to the industrialization in China and Taiwan, elium was associated with the Bebe Comfort/Maxi Cosy teams throughout the project.

The result is a stroller with a modular design and a chassis available with 3 or 4 wheels, and which can accommodate in addition to the child seat, 2 other products designed by elium: the Oria folding carrycot and the Jade carrycot.