The Renesse line of fittings and accessories is part of this quest for excellence.

We wanted to propose a design and an image that would resonate with the built and architectural space in which it will be deployed. A range that stands out for its simplicity, timelessness and elegance.

Designed for a high-end market, Renesse reflects Toto's know-how and expertise;

making no concessions to achieve an exceptional objective. The purity of the lines, the extreme requirement of flat surfaces and the fineness of the sections are indeed a challenge for the craftsmen who manufacture it

The various objects in the range are made of hand polished brass and then chrome plated. The range includes a large range of products, designed to meet all the needs of high-end sanitary facilities.

To complete this iconic range, elium has also proposed a complete collection of bathroom furniture, thus offering a global response to the need to design these spaces.

This range is now considered as an icon, and has been selected and implemented in the architectural creations of the greatest contemporary architects (Tadao Ando, etc…)