We wanted to give this drone the image of a professional tool, both reliable and easy to use, differentiating it from recreational and military drones.

UX 11 is a fixed-wing drone with a 110cm wingspan, autonomous in flight and carrying a camera under its fuselage. With an autonomy of one hour and several dozens of kilometers, it is able to carry out precise measurements of the terrain such as topographical surveys, soil analysis, to serve various fields of application such as agriculture, archaeology…

Its simple and graphic silhouette makes it identifiable both up close in flight and in low-angle shot.

Taking into account the many constraints was essential in order not to make any concessions on the performance of the UAV: aerodynamics, weight distribution, optimization of weight and resistance to landing impacts.

Optimized ergonomics for a Fast & Easy hand launch

An important work has been done to optimize the ergonomics of the drone and make its deployment on the field quick and simple to perform by a single operator: assembly of the wings, HMI on the drone for the check list before flight, launch of the drone by hand without requiring a launch ramp.

A long range relay beacon
allowing an out of sight control

We also worked on the design of the relay beacon allowing remote communication with the drone, making it possible to fly the drone from a distance of several kilometers, out of sight of the operator.