Designed to fit into the city harmoniously, this benevolent approach encourages the user's respect for the urban space.

We have specifically designed the frame of the bicycles so that they can be combined with each other.

This juxtaposition principle, highlighted by a continuous blue line, encourages a compact and optimal parking mode. Each bollard, whose grip on the roadway has been optimized, can therefore accommodate a fleet of 20 bicycles on a surface corresponding to a car parking space.

Through this graphic and signage line each bike becomes a link, creating continuity when several bikes are connected to each other.

A large amount of the bike parts have been custom designed.

We have paid particular attention to the elements with which the user has a privileged interaction: the cockpit, the basket, the seat adjustment system, etc.

In addition, a personal battery is available in addition to the battery on the bike. It uses the formal codes of an easily gripped gourd.

It is installed on the frame for an extension of autonomy and can also be used throughout the day as Powerbank.

The Zoov bike has been designed to be usable by the world's largest audience

Lightweight – for an electric and shared bike that must be robust – it is easy to handle and its grip is facilitated regardless of the size of the user and his ease of riding.